How to convert Power point slides to Video to post on Facebook or to save in your phone

If you want to create a video/audio file of your powerpoint presentation follow the following steps to do that. You need to be ready with what you will speak on each slide of your power point presentation before you start using the below procedures.

Open your power point presentations   Click on Slide Show Menu item  Click “Record narration”   and set the quality of the sound system in the dialogue box if required. You can also test the microphone here.

Now start the slide show by clicking on the “From beginning”. Start talking while you move thru your slides. Once done click “ESC” button to end the slide show and click save on the prompt you get.

You can skip this Audio recording and instead  use “Rehearse timings”   for silent PPT slide show for deciding how long the PPT slide should be visible.

Now go to internet and open website to load your Powerpoint. In order to load your PPT you should first register in authorstream. Once your ppt is loaded authorstream allows you to convert your ppt to Video file (.MP4 format) and also podcast file (MP3) and later you can download and save it on to your disk. You can now upload your ppt video to Youtube or facebook and phone and share with your friends.

You can also use free software called Camstudio Clcik here to go there

There is this interesting youtube videos you all should check. Mostly  technical stuff for daily problems


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