World statistics simplified, Facebook caricatures, More info graph news

Design with purpose

When i heard Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao “Maha Sahasraavadhani” at JNTUK Alumni hall about how our ancestors preached design as one of the most important aspect of any new product creation  it immediately reminded me about Steve Jobs Apple products. Apple and many successful corporations today give lots of importance to design and aesthetics with simplicity of use when they bring products to masses. I felt sad that our ancients knowledge and experience is not used by us effectively in developing products and we become only good in service sectors. I’m hoping our young and hungry generation of students will pick up the best from our ancient knowledge resources and create a world class enterprise with made in India products.

For now let’s see what is being done by entrepreneurs and students elsewhere. click here to read more about it.

Interesting info graphics

This is a cool website that measures most of the vital statistics about our world in the form of visuals and graphs. World statistics of various things is hard to remember. A designer Toby Ng has created a website that makes it easy to remember or visualize things much easily. click here to know your favorite statistics.

Want to know how people migrate from one country to other and how many are migrating. click here

Ever wondered whether to post a image that belongs to somebody online? Here is a cool graph of what to do before posting somebody’s image online.

Your Facebook profile picture can give ideas to artists to create caricatures. Check here for some funny facebook caricatures of randomly selected photos done by an artist called “Books of Adam”.

Flashy Shirts for bikers

While riding a bicycle in the dark there is a possibility of accidents by passing vehicles. There is a new solution of a flashy shirts that glow in the night to alert the passing vehicles to be cautious. Read more about this here

If you have some commercially viable business idea check this website. They provide funds for new ideas


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