Save money on mobile use, Water news and 2011 world solar car race

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Water news

We are facing sever shortage of water and it could become worse as the days pass by. Fresh water resources such as lakes, rivers etc are polluted more and more by humans and industrial wastes that are allowed into them. The only alternate for abundant water is oceans. But separating salt and other chemicals from ocean water is very expensive and there is lot of research going on to reduce the cost of extracting pure water from oceans.

Reverse osmosis is the process of getting clean water from ocean is widely used method in the world. But it is expensive and extensive research to reduce the cost has reached their limits as per a report in science magazine.

A team from Yale university are trying to change entire process, by making a series of membranes for the pre- and post-treatment stages of desalination. Click here to read more about this research.

If any of us come out with a cheap method of cleaning ocean water we could solve water crises not only for India but to many parts of the world. Israel is the country which pioneered water purification process so much and they are world leaders in preservation of water. Recently they built another purification plant at a cost of $423 million. Read more here.

2011 World Solar Challenge

This year’s World Solar car racing Challenge 2011 Darwin to Adelaide is the largest  and the stage is set for an adventure of epic proportions, contested by 21 countries. It’s a 1,800-mile solar car race through the Australian outback. Participants this year come from the U.S., UK, China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia and more, to race their often student-designed solar car prototypes, each vying for their moment in the sun. The race stretches from Darwin to Adelaide, and according to the rules of the race, this distance must be cleared with at least 90 percent of the cars’ energy coming from the sun. More can be read here

Some of the competitor details can be obtained here

Delhi Technological University’s Avenir is India’s contender in the race this year. It runs on a lithium phosphate battery, and has a cruising speed of 40 mph and a max speed of 52 mph. The team’s big sponsors this year include IndianOil and IndoSolar.

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