Bamboo Bicycles, Light bulb of the future

A new way of thinking helped a design student at Australia’s Monash University by name Alexander Vittouris to grow a Bamboo cycle not build one. The new concept has given us new English word called “grown mobility”.

Inspired by the  practice of  arborsculpture” (tree shaping he wants to mould Bamboo into parts of the bicycle by bending and shaping the bamboo trunk and branches while it is still growing. He named is bicycle ‘ajiro’.  His concept is a finalist in James Dyson award (

A picture and more news about this bike can be found at

There are many who made variety of bikes using Bamboo and you can check their designs here. May be you can make one yourselves. It would be much cheaper to make one in India.

Light Bulb for future.

Philips won the US Department of energy (DOE)  award of $10 Million for it’s 60 watt LED bulb that is lab and field tested for 18 months under extreme heat conditions to several other critical tests. As per the estimates  Phillips 60 watt LED bulb uses 10 watt less the the present CFL bulb. As Per the DOE if every 60 watt CFL is changed to this new LED bulb (it costs $18 now and will be available in stores next year onwards)  US can save 35 terawatt-hours of electricity in one year, or enough to power the lights of almost 18 million households, As more and more start using this bulb the costs may come down further. More info on this click here


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