Diamond like edges for tractor blades

While driving towards any village we can have the pleasure of the nature’s beauty in the form of vast green fields. We also can see farmers plowing their small to large acres of land with tractors. These tractors use lot’s of fuel to till the soil, cut thru the roots, rock and other hard substance on the ground. Most of the tractors are gas guzzlers and fuel efficiency becomes ever lower if the soil is hard or the tractor blades have to cut thru hard rock or deep roots in the soil.  The hard surface also reduces the life of the blades pretty fast. That means the owner is suffering with two types of losses. More fuel wastage and blades loosing their shape and sharpness.

Recently German scientists have come up with a solution to tackle the two problems mentioned above. We all know diamonds are very hard substances. Scientists found a diamond like coating (DLC) that is as hard as diamonds.The scientists coated the tractor blades with DLC and test it. There are instant payoffs with this method. The tractor blades are as strong as diamonds and can cut thru the very hard soil without loosing shape and for much less fuel. It also helps to till more soil with less friction and less fuel consumptions. More details of this discovery can be found here.




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