KELP a seaweed is the next promising Biofuels

Previously in my blog I pointed to the active research of using algae as aviation fuel. Today I read an article in science that a marine plant called KELP is rich in carbohydrates, sugar and is good for converting into bio fuel. This is good news because presently corn is a major source of bio fuel and it is also food for humans. In order to preserve food for humans we have to look for alternate sources of energies for running our cars or aero planes and KELP (Laminaria digitata) looks very promising. It grows rapidly in the sea bed and during the month of july it has high concentration of carbohydrates and sugar.

Read more by clicking on this link

More research news on alternative energy sources can be found here

If this marine plant is commercialized it will save millions of people going hungry when food crops are used as fuel or when food prices are raising. Click here to read more from world bank on how food prices are affected by raising costs.

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