New research in Purification of water

Lot’s of experimentation and research is going on in finding a cheap solution to purify water. Some of them are are looking promising for further research.

  1. Sand can be used in purifying water cheaply. But pure sand cannot filter deadly chemicals from a dirty pond. Rice university professors has developed a ‘Coated sand’ by coating sand with Graphite oxide (the one used in making the lead in the pencil we use). Graphite oxide is cheap , sand is cheap so it is one solution we should look forward to for purifying water. More details about this research can be found by clicking here.
  2. TATA Swach: Tata’s filter, which lasts 200 days for an average family of five, uses a combination of paddy husk ash and tiny silver particles to kill 80% of all bacteria that cause waterborne disease.  TATA swach costs around Rs 1000(one thousand Indian repees).
  3. Assistant Professor Norma Alcantar from university of Florida found that when the mucus of the cactus plant is mixed with water contaminated with sediments and bacterium Bacillus cereus quickly filters them to the bottom of the water container. More about this can be read here
  4. Researchers at MIT are working on a fog-harvesting device inspired by the Namib Beetle, an African species that gathers water droplets from the morning fog on its back and lets the moisture roll into its mouth.
  5. We should closely take a look at the chemical ALUM that is used in villages to purify water. More research is needed to find if alum can be used for purification of water.





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