Smarter the country’s people, richer will be the nation.

We should all strive to be more intelligent to move this country from the enormous challenges it faces. Try your best to learn something everyday in order to become smarter than what you are today.

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook )  and Mark Andreessen (  are great software coders themselves and they are brilliant in identifying talent. The software people they hire understand exactly what they have to do. Their software code is easy to understand, works as designed and maintainable by any other software coder. Other software engineers can build on the code with ease and thereby reduce the cost of maintaining the code.

If products are built with speed, if products can be changed, if they are easy to use, they have quality, perform under extreme conditions and maintainable then that is what add to productivity of a company and makes the company great. This can only be done if people who work are smart, intelligent and know exactly what they are doing.

Think of Apple’s Iphone, Ipad or Amazon’s Kindle etc regarding how well products can be build and how well people love these gadgets.

We in India need students who can think smart, create great products like what apple has done.  If you are reading this blog I wish you will start building your knowledge and enhance your creativity and think of working smartly.

An increase of 1 point in the average IQ of a country’s smartest 5% of population—raises the country’s per capita GDP by an average of $468, according to an analysis of IQ scores from 90 nations by Heiner Rindermann of Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany and James Thompson of University College London. The elite’s cognitive ability influences national excellence in technological progress, the authors say. IQ has similar effects on an individual level, a previous study showed: In sibling comparisons within families, 1 extra IQ point produced an extra $810 of income annually by age 35. More details of this is published here.




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