Technology can and should be used for good causes

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, NASA and the World Bank came together to form the  Random hacks of Kindness (RHoK) program . They bring the best software brains and experts together to develop software applications that can be used for the good causes such as helping people in a disaster zone. The following are some of the applications they developed and can be used by others.

I’m Ok application. It helps in telling others that you are safe in the case of a disaster. For more details click here

CHASM a visual tool to find  landslide risk. More here

More such tools can be downloaded to mobile phones here

Food mover ( helps in identifying where surplus food such as in hotels restaurants that can be given away to poor people. They use Google’s geolocation maps

Google developed Person finder( for helping in disaster situations. More google tools here

More about this news can be found at


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