Creative social media(Facebook, twitter, Linkedin) resume tips.

If you’re seeking employment as a  animation artist or manager dealing in entertainment, design studios, public relations representative, marketing person or any other social media position then read this

  1. You can use your best photo and attach your resume link on it using the QR codes (see  my blog on how to generate QR code).
  2. Market yourself by showing your talents creatively. Example: If you are applying for a artist job your resume should be artistic. A picture is worth thousand words Right?
  3. Using Facebook’s “Page feature” you can load a video about your skills if you are targeting a specific job.
  4. If you want to use video resume make sure it is fun, creative and have links to tell me about yourself like questions and answer them smartly. Don’t read your resume on a video. It is boring and nobody watches it.
  5. Using you can design your personal website and you can showcase all your activities social websites at one place . All your activities on facebook, twitter, flickr photos, skillsnest blogs, your favorite websites can be shown colorfully , creatively at one place.
  6. If you still prefer text resume make it more colorful and creative
  7. Think outside the box. A 2D resume look pretty. Here is a sample another one here
  1.  Use a twitter or facebook to link to your creative resume. Example!/JPedde
  2. Get your resume printed on your T-Shirt. Front may say ‘Resume on my back want to read it? And on your back you should have a creative and colorful resume.

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