GE’s FlexEfficiency* 50 Power Plant, a product of ecomagination

For decades, jet engines have been built with nickel-based super alloys, which are designed to withstand high temperatures (this increases efficiency) and quickly cycle on and off. But historically, natural gas power plants have used less-efficient steel components, explains Paul Browning, vice president of GE Thermal Products. Now GE is taking that jet-engine construction and using it in a power plant–a change that has dramatically increased efficiency and flexibility.
This technology allows GE to combine Solar, Wind and coal based power plants together with high efficiency.

In another news GE purchased a Ireland Company called FMC TECH ( FMC Tech software allows monitoring power distribution to homes and gives vital information as described below about FMC tech buyout.

“In particular, FMC Tech has developed a system for providing real-time data about conditions on the distribution grid, which is designed to integrate with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), energy management systems (EMS) and demand and outage management systems (DMS/ OMS).”


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