I made this easy for you to know.

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)
iEARN is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 130 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Over 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide.

http://mumbaivotes.com/  Don’t vote but Select.

We either vote to a party or a politician without knowing completely about his background and  whether he will serve the country honestly and sincerely.   Sometimes we skip elections completely because we feel that our vote is worthless since the candidates are either criminals or dishonest or unknown characters.

Once elected they become immune to performance reviews of what they accomplished while in power for the betterment of the citizens.

A student wants to change this all and he wants us to know before hand whom we are selecting not just voting. The idea is catching up and he is opening similar websites in bangalore , Delhi and other places. Let’s support his cause.

A similar website is http://praja.org/  Praja is a non-partisan organization. It was started in Mumbai in 1997 by a group of eight individuals whose vision was to re-establish accountability and transparency in governance.


A 17 year old named Priyanka Jain launched a student run nonprofit called iCAREweCARE, which is dedicated to helping high school and college students identify causes they care about, find local organizations that address those problems, and then write about their experiences, or connect with their friends over them. There is a Web site, and Facebook connections for rapid and deep information sharing.

http://mycube.com/  Facebook makes ton’s of money on the content we share on it. But a new social website mycube wants to share money with whatever content, pictures, videos and other stuff you post. On MyCube, you can charge for access to the content you create–pictures, articles, videos, and so on–and you can charge “down to the cost of a cent,” says Staël von Holstein. “This is essential, because a lot of information on the Internet is worth cents, not dollars. Once you can start charging cents for articles, photos, and videos, and then have a lot of people reading,” you can start charging for that content. You can also choose to feature advertising instead of charging your MyCube followers/ friends/ customers.


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