how to identify spam emails

When I set up my email account on Gmail and started interacting with students and others I started getting so many spam emails I decided that I should write this article on how to identify spam emails verses genuine emails.

Spammers may harvest e-mail addresses from a number of sources.

Spammers collect e-mail addresses from chatrooms, websites, customer lists, newsgroups, and viruses which harvest users’ address books, and are sold to other spammers.

A popular method uses e-mail addresses which their owners have published for other purposes. Usenet posts, especially those in archives such as Google Groups, frequently yield addresses. Simply searching the Web for pages with addresses — such as corporate staff directories or membership lists of professional societies — using spambots can yield thousands of addresses, most of them deliverable.

Here are some screen shots of recent emails I received which i felt are spam. In order to identify the spam emails I rounded the information that I feel will reveal the true sender of the emails. Spammers use your real name and send spam emails to your friends and others when you click on the links they provide. some  emails sent by spammers contain texts such as “this is amazing picture” , “invitation to join”, “I loved this what(How) about you” ‘Declared jwellery winner” ‘ Paisa alive” “your name tagged you with a photo on ShoppyBag…”  “your friend wants you on orkut/facebook”.”you won lottery”.Other clue is to look at the FROM address of the email (most of the time it will be something like ‘Noreply@……com” They use your real name when sending spam emails in order to make your friends believe that you sent the email. some send emails saying you are selected for a job or lottery and they need your bank account details to transfer money or some other details. Never ever give bank or personal details and passwords to anybody thru emails. Banks and other financial institutes or credit card companies will never ask you to submit your personal information thru emails.

when you realize that the email is a spam NEVER Click on links given by them. they will steal your friends emails from your contact lists and spam them with your name on the emails they send. In order to stop this emails coming to your inbox , you should click on REPORT SPAM (Gmail) or tools/Message rule/Blocked senders list in Outlook.

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