Awesome Tips for better career

While your academic knowledge   is important, you need to complement that expertise with employable skills that make you   respectable, reliable, and professional because most of your other friends who compete for the job have the same academic skills like you. You can only win a job or succeed in life if you have employable skills that differentiate you from your friends who are equally good in academics like you. Skills cannot be obtained overnight. Don’t wait till the final year of your college to start learning corporate skills. You need time to practice and it will be good idea to start  taking private classes on soft skills from professional institutes such as skillsnest.  Let’s see some important  skills you need to be a employee.

1. Communication

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) published a press release in March, 2007 announcing their Job Outlook Survey results.  The 267 employers surveyed named communication skills and honesty as the most desired skills and/or qualities of job candidates. “Communication skills have topped the list for eight years, and honesty and integrity have tied for the top spot for the last three years,” says NACE executive director.  This seems to indicate more than a trend.

Good communication skills ensure that your message is being effectively told.  Also remember to listen attentively, ensure understanding, and ask for feedback.  Communication is a two-way street you have to make sure the other person understood your point of view and you understood their point of view as well.

For good communication you also need to master English language effectively so that  you can easily learn good communication skills.

2. Teamwork

Unless you’re working in a closed room without any human interaction, your ability to work well with others will enable you to collaborate successfully, a key requirement in today’s professional climate.  To be a good team member you must share ideas freely, be flexible, freely give praise, and be willing to acknowledge another’s success.

3. Problem solving

Companies, customers and employees  alike are looking for students and professionals who can solve problems independently without too much help. This requires first an ability to detect problems that need solving.  If you’re able to recognize and pinpoint problems you can generate ideas that respond to current needs.   

4. Time management

We often hear that people don’t have time for learning the skills that help them to succeed in life but have plenty of time to gossip, to chat, go around town and other activities that don’t add value to their life or career.

 You would be top performer if you manage time well.  Everyone has experienced the frenzy of having too much to do and too little time to do it on time.  Truly successful individuals have mastered the art of prioritization really well and those are the individuals who succeed.  Knowing where to focus your attention, practicing regular daily planning, and avoiding all unnecessary and unproductive meetings are a good place to start.

5. Organization

A well organized home, classroom, library or workplace will contribute to good time management.  When documents, notes and records are easily located, you save valuable time for other crucial tasks.  Also, a tidy environment is more soothing to all occupants, including yourself and any visitors who may drop by unannounced.

While companies are looking for professionals who have impressive academic skills, a strong set of soft skills (employable skills) will make you the most attractive candidate overall.  In today’s competitive market, where jobs are scarce, you must do all you can to enhance your professionalism to become the most appealing contender.


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