You want to change! Just change the environment around you.

Recently there is a flurry of activities going around at university level and neighboring engineering colleges hosting big events, seminars and calling guest of eminence from across the country.  For example there will be “Eclore’10” at JNTUK hosted by MBA students; there was a kite event that recently concluded at RMC. We are having a “Finishing school” starting on October 4th for 45 days for Engineering students of class 2010 concluding with a job mela for participating students.  I will be part of the faculty training students in the finishing school event on corporate (Soft) skills.

I’m happy to note that students are actively participating in events, seminars, competitions and winning.  What I also observed with my interactions with students is that they get energized, motivated and keen to do something new, learn new skills and exhibit positive energy and good feelings during these events. But the moment they step out of that event or lecture rooms they are exposed to the surroundings that hardly keep the motivation and right moods and ideas they just thought of pursuing.

So what best we can do to overcome the environments influence on the student mind. It is proven that creating right environment around students will bring the best out of them.  It is not possible to make ourselves the best overnight by changing our surroundings , It takes time. But you need to start right now and start changing your environment so that it motivates you, it reminds you of your goals, it makes you feel positive about your selves and it prepares you for the future.

My suggestion is that whatever is in your hands that you can change you should attempt. Let’s go with some examples. You can figure out what more you can change.

When you enter your hostel room or your study room make sure that your room is clean and tidy. Clean out the clutter from your reading desk and keep the stuff you need for learning, handy so that you don’t need to leave the desk again and again. The more you move around the less you will be keeping your motivation to sit and focus on the subject. 

When you speak to your friends try talking something that compliments your academic or soft skills or language skills at least once a while during the day.

Try rehearsing a dialogue from a telugu/other languages movie in English in front of your friends while you are all sitting together in a park or restaurant or under the trees. It will be funny and hilarious but at the same time it helps you to learn English language naturally.

When you are browsing internet make sure you read at least one national or international newspaper such as economic times, times of india , hindu , business line , cnn, bbcnews  etc and make sure to note the important events that’s going on. It helps you very much in your group discussions for jobs.

Also if time permits make sure to search on topics that compliment your academic knowledge with latest in your area of expertise. For Google search tips read  “google search tips”  at

I guess by now you realized how to create the right environment that helps you to succeed in career and life from above examples. 

Please don’t wait till the last minute for campus interviews or any career related learning’s because it shows you are careless about your career. It also proves your gambling attitude which is not a good sign for a serious life changing event,  that is getting the first job. Think and change by just changing your environment. Leaning new skills or English language takes time. 

We at skillsnest are always there to help in your career path in the most modern way and we are keeping up with ever changing corporate requirements  so that you are always trained on the “cutting edge soft skills “.

Good luck to you and start changing your environment.


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