Planning your activities

We all live in hope. But Hope is not a strategy to succeed in Life. You need to work towards your goals in a more proper and practical way. You have to work towards a plan to support your development and the plan should be specific, realistic, with clear time frames and small manageable goals. For example Good communication skills are mandatory to enable a prospective employer to know about you clearly so that they can judge your capability much better and give you a job. But acquiring soft skills such as proper usage of English language or how to communicate what you think  requires you to spend time on trainings on soft skills. Companies want to hire students who are complimenting their academic education with employability skills (soft skills).   When writing an action plan to achieve a particular goal or outcome, you can get much help from the following steps.

• Clarify your goal. Can you get a clear picture of what your goal is? Can you measure your goals (you cannot have a goal like becoming rich overnight)? What problems do you have to reach your goal, like the limits on time, money, or no proper trainers?

• Write a list of things you need to do. Write down all actions you may need to take to achieve your goal. Write all possible ways of reaching your goals. Write down all the problems you have in achieving your goals and write down all the ideas to overcome that problems.

• Analyze, prioritize. Look and think of what you have written. What are the absolutely necessary and effective steps to achieve your goal? Give priority to all the action items that helps you to achieve your goals and get rid of things that are not important for you to succeed.

Example:  A student wants to write GATE and also wants to attend campus interviews. Both need trainings. For interview he needs soft skills (some example of soft skills are  Communication Skills ,Presentation & Work Communication Skills ,Interpersonal & Team Skills ,,Personal Effectiveness Skills ,Cross-Cultural Skills ,English Language Skills, Problem solving skills)

Between these two options he has to prioritize his time and trainings while he is attending regular college.

• Organize your list into a plan. Decide on the order of the plan. What is important in life for you? Write down in a sequence what is most important for your success. Things such as academic education, soft skills training should be given high priority and time than having fun and partying with friends.

• Monitor the execution of your plan and review the plan regularly. How much have you progressed towards your goal by now? What new information you have got? Use this information to further adjust and optimize your plan.

So tell me how you are planning and if you need trainings on soft skills , I want you to consider skillsnest as partner in helping and shaping your life . We are here to help students to excel from “Grassroot thinking to Global employability”


6 thoughts on “Planning your activities

  1. hi sir good evening..
    i red yours “ours planning activities” blog. its so well. really i proud your institute. i like so much your honourable guidelines…
    thanking you sir….
    mba jntuk.

  2. Good evening sir
    Am Keshav student of JNTU-k
    i have read this page
    i would like to share my ideas on this
    perhaps, we people only see what our eyes show to us.
    we don’t really know what our future is going to be like.
    we cannot prioritize our goals now it self .
    so we are stressed on to learn what ever comes on our way
    this keeps our knowledge in a very disorderly fashion.
    But this we do have our own plans and are working on it.
    but that work is not organized.
    If you could give some tips on this it would help the student community a lot.
    one tip i know is using pen and a paper where ever we go.
    thank you sir for this opportunity
    i have written this but am still not satisfied what i want to express

  3. warm wishes sir
    I have read your article on planning activities
    I am yet ambiguous about my goal and I know
    that a student should have a clear picture of goal
    which was your first highlighted point.
    If by chance I couldn’t succeed in my goal I have
    to go for the alternative so my question to you is
    “Have I to concentrate on both”, by giving priority.

    Let me mention that these are not like GATE and
    soft skills but my position is something like GATE and CAT

    1. Yes I fully understand the dilemma about having goals when the luxury of choosing a job we like is very remote in this country. The best choice of a goal should not be tied to any pursuit of job but what you wish to see yourselves in future. Hope that will give you more clear idea of what needs to be pursued. I wish to conduct a class at my institute on this topic to help on Goals if you all are interested to come by. Just call me and we make a schedule for a class. It’s FREE EEEEE

  4. Green greetings,

    I would be a person who inspired by u …. I have read ur article ..Its really a fantastic and nice job.I have goal to write GATE and placements.. but i have more interest in placements . For, we should need communication skills,but here i am getting fear to express myself because of friends or anything else ………..plz give me suggestions to improve my knowledge and skills.How do we get that?plz reply me sir

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