How to get ‘Yes’ or ‘NO’ quickly

I had some business ideas that needed funding and I was trying to rope in an investor (financial partner/venture capitalist/ angel investor)  I prepared the executive summary and business plans on the ideas I had and sent them over to a known venture capital firm in Silicon valley, California.

I was excited about my idea but not sure if it excites the investor and I was hoping for a quick answer from him whether he will say ‘Yes’ To my idea or ‘No’ to my idea. This is my career turning point to become an entrepreneur if my ideas work out. So now you know how important their ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to my ideas.

Days passed by and my tension is going up. I sent couple of emails to the investor and finally I got a reply that my idea is in the pipeline and they will take a look at it eventually. How long it takes God and the investor might only know  but for me it is most important career changing event.

Meanwhile due to health problems I have to take a decision to come back to India where my family is. That forced me to abandon my plans of becoming an entrepreneur in USA.  

It also happens to students who attend interviews and eagerly waiting to know whether he/she got selected (‘YES’)  or not selected(‘NO’) for a job.

But for employers there is no hurry to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  Time allows them to see more information and make a more informed decision. How can you blame them?

Too often investors/employers are not sure if they want  to say ‘yes’ and instead they prolong  because they are either: a) too embarrassed to say ‘no’ (in case of investors) , or b) just was not sure to take a stance due to various business reasons in case of companies.

A ‘yes’ is obviously the answer you always hope to get, but the ability to get a ‘no’, especially if it is a quick one, is critical to maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of your future plans. The sooner you get a ‘no’, the faster you’ll be able to look for that next job ( ‘yes’)

So if you want speed up an answer such as ‘Yes’ or ‘NO’ may be the following ideas might help.

  1. Be clear on the how much time you can wait for the decision. In case you are attending a interview and they say you are going to be selected then  ask them when  will they be sending the offer letter (also consider no 3 point along with this one) .
  2. Set a firm deadline and sense of urgency. When meeting any prospective financiers (Investor), or you are selling something to a customer, or buyer, set a clear deadline for a decision. In most cases you can get to a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’  just by being clear about a close date.
  3. Have a follow up schedule. Outline next steps for the follow-up.  If the decision is not made in time by employer or investor in a set time frame it is better to have alternate dates so you can follow up with them again.
  4. Force a decision. Prolonged silence or indecision requires a forcing mechanism. Schedules change, people ask for more time, and other priorities take over. If the above tips don’t work then it is better to confirm whether your requirement is considered (‘Yes’) or not considered (‘No’)  by forcing them to answer either way. For example you can email them something along the lines of “I want to thank you again for your time considering  me for the job but since  I did not get any offer letter can I consider this as NOT Selected or need to wait for some more time? Please reply with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Politely providing an outlet for them to use is usually appreciated by the other side, and it is a good way to elicit a definitive decision or gain clarity on the best next step.

Good luck with the waiting game of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’


4 thoughts on “How to get ‘Yes’ or ‘NO’ quickly

  1. thank you for sending me such valuble msgs..i hope by following this i will be more fasdt enough in saying yes or no

  2. It was a nice example of yes or no. as i am too on the verge of a yes or no…i think this will help in framing my next step

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