Silence or No response the worst kind of feedback

Some time back I was invited to a college that is on the way to Yanam  to introduce myself and my training institute. I spent a good amount of time with the Management and placement manager who is very enthusiastic, energetic and have great attitude to achieve something for himself and the college. So after learning about me and what I wish to do they asked me to send  email of what I train and agreed to arrange a guest lecture.

 As you might be aware from my  blogs I’m attempting to modernize thru my lectures and trainings  the way we learn , communicate  and gain employment effectively  so we are readily aligned to the modern industry practices and  much needed modern Organizational skills.  My aim is to see that students of tier 2 cities and rural areas succeed much like students from elsewhere from across the world by acquiring modern industry practices.

So I promptly emailed  my training documents to the placement manager and other concerned people of the college.  As I mentioned above I was supposed to be called for a guest lecture.  All these happened sometime in January 2010 and from that day I  called the concerned person on phone , emailed several times to remind him about the guest lecture but till today I did not hear anything from him or his team.

The above is one example of not getting feedback and prompting me to assume something that the  other person may not like.

It happens to me most of the time. I expect a feedback with whomever I contact such as the above college staff or my service providers or staff etc. I feel frustrated and confused sometimes not able to get communication or feedback from concerned person. What should I assume?  

Silence, is the worst, most damaging kind of feedback. Effective feedback is clear and specific. Silence is ambiguous and generic. It could mean anything.. If someone hasn’t called us, we think to ourselves, it must be that he doesn’t want to communicate something negative to us. We Indians don’t like to say “NO’ and we just don’t respond.

When working in organizations they expect you to speak when necessary or respond to emails on time or do work at expected time.

But if you carry silence (not able to communicate) to companies you will be the worst affected. For example you are new to job and don’t know much about a specific work your boss gives, you have a choice to speak to him or her and say you need help in the beginning but you assume that they might think you, as not knowing anything.

Now what you expect your boss to think of you, if you don’t deliver the work on time and at the same time did not ask for help?

So not speaking up will lead to misunderstandings and hurts your career.

If you speak misunderstandings don’t happen ,  they happen if you are silent for long time. And the longer the gap, the more room for misunderstanding. So the lesson is that you need to respond if somebody is expecting answer or wok from you. Never keep it to yourselves. Respond as quickly as possible. It’s good for your career.

13 thoughts on “Silence or No response the worst kind of feedback

  1. ur point is good sir.. but i expected more from u…
    thanq for sparing ur time for us… i would be glad 2 receive more suggestions from u…

  2. hello sir this is your student -from skills nest.The point you mentioned here is useful to us.We come across such situations in our college too.Making the other person know about what exactly we have in our mind is better than remaining silent and giving a chance to assume differently.thank you for your suggestions and guiding us in the right path sir.

  3. hi, sir i agree with u even i have seen cases like this for one of my friend…..
    thank u sir for sending us…

  4. hi sir good evening i went through this blog it is very important to to every one. because somebody might thought that maintaining silent represents the cool nature of a person. especially women think like that.
    thank you for providing this blog we are expecting more from u.

  5. hi sir good evening i went through this blog it is very important to every one. because somebody might thought that maintaining silence represents the cool nature of a person especially women think like that.but here it says how danger with silence especially in case of communication.
    thank you for providing this blog we are expecting more from u.

    yours obediently

  6. green wishes sir,
    I really agree with you sir , i think the man has
    felt that the lecture was to just bend the ears of their
    institution.your point is nice that “longer the gap, the more room for misunderstanding”.so all should be open
    and leave out fear.
    actually i also had many personal experiences and even I was silent but after coming to engg. I am avoiding my silence now sir.
    thank you for discussing a good point

    1. I’m happy that you are following some good practices. Keep up with best practices and that will make you very succesful in life. Try your best and focus on acheiving something for yourselves and then help the community or your freinds once you reach comfortable levels

  7. hi sir,
    i have attended the seminar which u gave at sasi engineering college from 9:30am t0 was really superb sir.really there will be a change in our behaviour after your seminar.Your seminar is very different and innovating our minds.
    Thank you so much sir.

  8. good afternoon sir,
    Iam a student of skillsnest.sorry for the late reply.I read your blog sir.It is very interesting.In real life also i feel fear to express my feelings due to this i phase so many problems. after reading this i want to change my thank you for giving very valuable suggestions to us.

    we expect more suggestions from u sir……

  9. sir, today your information is very very useful because of this seminar i learn so many things so clarify my doubts…….

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